Capture Risk and report on potential exposure.

The VF incident platform is used by global companies to capture and report on risk. The highly secure platform allows all details of the incident to be captured; documents can be uploaded securely against the incident with automated notifications sent to the legal counsel or operational teams.

The VF Incident Platform provides a bridge between legal counsel/operational departments and insurance broker/insurer, allowing specialist insurance advice against the incident to be fed back onto the platform and pushing your premiums down. Advanced reporting and the VF analytical engine provide all parties a real-time insight into your overall exposure to potential claims, with a weighted percentage of global exposure to claims risk.

The VF incident development platform can as the name suggests be developed further providing customised reports, screens, workflow and analytics.

Adopting the platform saves you money by managing exposure to risk and pushing your premiums down.

“The VF incident platform is used by a Global company across 247 countries, giving 14 thousand users the ability to report incidents. By adopting the platform they now have full exposure insight, providing a bridge between legal counsel and broker – the platform has pushed their premium down”..

VirtualFiles offer a range of next generation claim management and underwriting platforms, providing global enterprise-wide solutions, helping firms manage claims from start to completion using feature rich, highly secure solutions.

For more information about the VF Incident development platform, please contact VirtualFiles on 020 3011 0240 or email